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Your Forever Home

Your home is your sanctuary. In a rapidly changing world with increasingly busy and stressful lives, clients come to us seeking homes that provide space for meaningful connections, a respite from the world and privacy for living authentically.

At MA Peterson we design, build, and renew homes in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities — homes that speak to you both sensibly and emotionally. Custom built, your home will be designed to be integral to who you are and created to enhance your unique needs and lifestyle.

Contact us today to learn how we help design and build your own personal sanctuary or forever home. As the world becomes more complex and busy, your home should not.

Whatever your chosen style, our expert design and craftsmanship has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for our attention to details and the seamless connection between the client and final product. Our clients feel one with their home because it is an extension of who they are.

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Creating a new custom home that is tailored to fit the way you want to live can be a life-changing experience. Whether you’re looking to start fresh on a vacant lot somewhere new or tear down and build in your existing location, we’ll work collaboratively to develop a creative vision and strategic plan for your forever home. View Work


You have had a vision for your home since day one. How it would feel. How you would transform it. What it could be at its fullest potential. Our goal and passion is to enhance that vision and bring it to life, remodeling your home to be better than what you ever imagined. Get Inspired

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If your home is in a high-rise, we can still creatively transform your spaces. Although our creative process doesn’t change, we account for and address the details that make condos unique from design through construction. From a new kitchen or bathroom to a full renovation of your space or combined units, we can develop a solution that enhances the place you call home. Learn More

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From new custom homes to small home remodels our dedication to creativity, craftsmanship and service remains the same, providing you with an exceptional experience and beautiful finished product on every project.

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Interested in seeing our work in the context for which it was designed and built? We invite you to fly around or walk through some of our recently completed projects to experience MA Peterson’s design and craftsmanship from a unique perspective.